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SAMURAI JAPAN introduces the artistic products which are mostly hand-made with the cultivating the craftsman’s skills adopted from Japanese ancients to all people in the world. Also we would like to introduce the craftsman who have high-level skills for the artistic products, and are very few people exists even in Japan like a living national treasure.

With long history in Japan, we have a contemplation called "DOU". This way of thinking is a searching the truth and developing the skills with devotion to his works. Mainly the typical DOU are "SADOU", "KADOU", "KOUDOU" and "SHODOU".
We are very happy to share the time with all of you now and could introduce the original culture of Japan and thoughtful, delicacy sensibility for the products particular to Japanese artists in this site.

We sell very rare, Only One product in the world, if you are interested in our special collections in this site, even Japanese can’t meet the chance to buy. Also if you are interested in custom order for us, we accept a special order from you to ask an artist to make ONLY ONE item designed by yoursor with your specifications. SAMURAI JAPAN will deepen the communication with the fine craftsman in Japan and sincerely hopes that Japanese culture will be approved in the world.

By Y. Nakamura

By Y. Nakamura

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