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We are different!!

from any web builder, web creator, web maker, web producer and etc ....

As said our philosophy, we make our customers to be prosperity in business into the future through our supporting systems, not only producing its web site but also consulting our client's management itself even restore the company with our advise for their business scene.

Of course, we believe that the trusted relationship between our customers and us is very important to step forward. Our customer's prosperity is necessity for us to our future benefit of us.

To be community bound together with our clients, our special business style is effective and workable for their business.

Name of company Evolution & Create Inc;
Established January, 1998
Capital 34,000,000 Yen
Address 301 Sky Bldg, 4-17-18 Takabayashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan 430-0907
Tel: 81-53-476-6221 Fax: 81-53-476-6148
E-mail: info@evo.co.jp
WEB http://www.evo.co.jp/

Business Guide

WEB producing and Consulting
Planning contents for web, Design, Producing, analysis, Promotion, Managing Strategy planning
Management of "EVO Town"
A big hit site 800,000 people visited per a year
Management of "WBC.vc;
B2B portal site for world business Sellers and Buyers
Management of "SAMURAI JAPAN;
SAMURAI JAPAN introduces the artistic products which are mostly hand-made with the cultivating the craftsman's skills adopted from Japanese ancients to all people in the world.


Our service

B2B portal site for World business Buyers and Sellers.



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