SHODOU calligraphy is formed by materials of characters. However, the characters itself is not a calligraphy. As we call "SHO" is a movement and expression (SHO-HO) by performing the characters in some way and also its result of handwriting (Hisseki). The purity and genuine of lines and shapes created based on "SHO" is absolute one as a soul of SHO.
A characteristic of lines is not only performing a role of shape of characters, but also expressing a straightforward passion and thought which human being has. Namely, SHO is embodied in an intrinsic life and purity of writers through any lines, and it is exactly what a learning DOU by performing calligraphy is "SHODOU".

Art of SHO

In art, there are plastic arts (so called spatial art) like paintings, sculptures, carvings and KADOU, and time arts like literatures and music, and synthetic arts (spatially, timely, visually) like dancing and plays.

"SHO" is a sort of plastic art on above category as same as paintings and photographs, and also a plane plastic art which consisted with definite space, and also a spatial art, and also time art like music which can’t turn back to the beginning point when you started writing and to the finishing, and also a composite art including the elements of visual arts such as dance plays.

We believe that the art is constituted by representational expressions which express the shape imagined, and by non-representational expressions which a artist does not have any intension to express something fixed. The material of character for calligraphy is basically based on a hieroglyphic symbols and abstract existence instead of languages for human being. Therefore a calligraphy using character material is abstract art and also non-representational art.

The birth of character which is the material of SHO was made with symbols demanded in practical use for human being so those characters were not the subject of the art or beauty. But during human being was using the characters for the communication tools in practical uses in long time history, some character was added an aesthetic sense in naturally which human being has, and also emphasized the formation beauties like harmony, balance, change and unification. Then it has became an art which the shape has original beauties.

But there are limits to the beauty having its shapes to describe. Therefore, the writer had to be involved deeply in the beauty which expresses its shape of lines. Especially by appearance of brushes, the expression using shape of lines has been changed and a pictorial representation of line’s beauty has deepened its expressions. These expressions were a sort of thought, emotion and feeling of writers so each style of writer could be expressed his thought, emotion and feeling. SHO was found the beauty using the writer’s expression ways and styles, and come to the detached world with line’s art in Oriental area since then.

SHO is the purism with lines and shapes and expresses the truth which other art can’t express. SHO is namely a philosophy of art without any representation in expression.


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