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Web design

If you have problems as follows and having troubles to proceed:

Please entrust our special ability for making Japanese website.

If you have problems as follows and having troubles to proceed:

  • Hoping to sell your products and services to Japanese market
  • Hoping to co-operate with Japanese companies
  • Hoping to buy the products from Japanese market
  • Looking for distributors in Japan

Why you can’t inform your products benefit or service specialty

Because we believe that you can’t find the differences of characteristic between your website and Japanese website. Japanese website should have the special expression in the contents and special design for Japanese visitors.

The reasons why our clients ordered us making their websites

  1. We have the special staffs translates English into Japanese enable to give the impacts in the sentence.
  2. We have 6 special web-designers who have different abilities for expressions. You can entrust us for making your website depending on your company’s images.
  3. We have the human networks deeply connected with the companies which we have been consulting through their website making and also web produce abilities which are in succeed to enlarge their business from their website in Japan.
  4. We have been concentrating to WBC (world business consulting) project since 2007. WBC division proceeds to support Japanese companies for exporting their products and service to world market and matching Japanese companies with foreign companies in business as a consultant. If you are interested in, we can support your business in Japan by WBC division.
Process of making Japanese website

WBC division can make your own Japanese website with using your domain in your server as following process. If you need Flash images on your website, WBC can do it with extra charge. If your server adopts PHP tool, we can make your site with PHP too.

  • Make arrangement with your firm and details of products and service for Japanese market.
  • Inquiry from WBC about the details of web and ask to present us the total information for the website.
  • Arrangement by e-mail about the details
    the number of arrangements will depend on case by case.
  • Sending a bill from WBC to you
    The payment of making your Japanese website should be done in advance.
  • Confirming the remittance from you
    Payment method is the wire transfer Bank to Bank to our specified Bank account.
  • Provide us the contents data including text data and image data from you.
  • Start making website.
  • After finishing draft pages by us, WBC will inform you URL for demonstration website to show you its design and contents for the reference. You can confirm the pages by internet.
  • If you need us to modify the website after confirming, specify us the details and WBC will correct the website for you again.
  • Confirmation the website by you again.
  • If you agreed, WBC will upload all pages to your specified server or you can download all data from our server. If the data will be not so big, we can send you by e-mail or send you all data by CD.
  • After finishing upload all web data to your server, both of us will check all links and movements.
  • complete the deal
Price information for making Japanese website
Top page from 100,000 JPY
Other content web page from 20,000 JPY per page
Flash animation image from 100,000 JPY per image

Price of translation English into Japanese on your website
WBC will estimate the price after confirming all your website later.

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