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If you have problems as follows and having troubles to proceed:

WBC (World Business Consulting) is one and only B2B global marketplace and portal site in Japan where active buyers and suppliers worldwide meet and transaction site. And also WBC provides you the useful information, not only new products but also dumping and second-hand products from Japan.

You can post your selling offer and buying offer to WBC site in free of charge with non-limited numbers of offer to show your offers to Japanese suppliers and buyers.

Paid membership
In offline business, WBC assists you doing business in Japan if you could upgrade to “Paid member” and also WBC supports you to find suitable buyers to sell your products and services in Japanese market or other assistance you need in Japan as a consultant.
Buyer’s assistance
If you are a buyer and would like to import goods from Japanese market, WBC will be able to support to find a right company for you from not only our database but also using other sources and connections.
Translation service
When you are in trouble to communicate with Japanese firms, we can represent you to communicate with Japanese firms instead of you using e-mail or phone call. WBC can assist you without any troubles for Japanese language and assist and prevail you to do the business in Japan.
Making Japanese website
WBC can make Japanese website for your entering Japanese market. Most Japanese people will check company’s profile and products lines in the website and evaluate your service and products from its website. So the quality of website written in correct Japanese is the first step to enter the market. WBC will be able to make the perfect Japanese website in your server.
Distribution Service
If WBC and your company agreed to sell your products in Japanese market or Japanese company would like to sell their products to world market, WBC can be a distributor after concluding the agreement.

Have you ever given up for Japanese market?

WBC will advise you the business methods or business customs before starting the marketing for your service and products. Comparing the business methods and rules you can’t see from abroad with other country’s methods, Japanese sales network and business customs are completely different from them. Our skilled and experienced staffs can advise you to enter the market for you.

You can entrust us for doing the business with WBC in Japan.

Our service

B2B portal site for World business Buyers and Sellers.



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