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Concrete consulting details

  1. We would like to confirm your products details and service first.
  2. We do marketing in Japan for a possibility of your products and service, or we can offer your products and service instead of you to world market.
  3. Based on our marketing report, we will talk about the strategy for entering Japanese market or expanding your products and services to world market with you.
    On this stage, we will judge the possibilities of your products and service in Japanese market.
  4. After examination and considering, we also judge the strategy of promotion which should be targeted BtoB or BtoC in Japanese market. Of course, you can start your business from BtoC at beginning then you can find a sole distributor in Japan for your products and service later.
  5. For exporting your products to Japanese market, you should check the packing method, material, packing box size, cubic meter per carton, and quantity of carton box you can put into 20f container.
    Also the price should be FOB your port or CIF Japan so you’d better to check the cost of local forwarding fee from your stockyard to nearest port, custom fee, container handling fee, and etc. Also you need to calculate the price including above costs to present it to your future customers.
  6. After confirming your price information by WBC staffs, we will start to promote your products and service to Japanese buyers.
  7. WBC staffs will approach your products and service to Japanese buyers even online by internet too. WBC division will make your own homepage written in Japanese in WBC.vc site and promote this website to Japanese market. If you would like to offer your products and service even into world market, we will post and promote your products and service details to world B2B portal services.
  8. We can imagine you will have so many offer reply from Japanese companies in many ways but if you can specify our e-mail address with your contact e-mail address, we can translate its e-mail message into English from Japanese then we will transfer its e-mail to your e-mail address without any worries about language problems. So you can entrust to communicate with Japanese firm and easy to negotiate about your business in Japan.
    Also when Japanese firms make the phone call to us, we will translate into English and send e-mail to you. You can send back your reply in English by e-mail or by fax. We also can advise you the differences of business method comparing your business way and Japanese custom of business way.
  9. When you start the business in Japan by BtoC first and your customers would like to pay the cost of products, we also can use our bank account for Japanese customers instead of you. The total amount of receiving the money from your customers, we will be able to remit to your bank account or Paypal account deducting those charges by us. After confirming the remittance from us, you can send the products to your customers in Japan.
  10. When you select and start the business with Japanese companies, sometimes you need to decline the offers from other Japanese companies. WBC staff will contact those companies and inform your comment in Japanese to decline the offer instead of you.
  11. At the first stage of doing the business in Japan especially with Japanese companies, we recommend you to visit the company to check the information you might need. WBC staff will be able to accompany with you to visit Japanese companies so you can negotiate with Japanese company without any worry about the language problem.
  12. Also we can advise you about the proceeding of doing business in Japan. If you need to make a draft agreement with Japanese company, we will also advise you the details of agreement and support until concluding the contract.

Our aim of WBC division is that we would like all of world SMS companies to be full of vitality in good spirits. There will be other chances for you when entering Japanese market and we will the one we can support you in all the way. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

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