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All link websites are Japanese site written in Japanese.

Wonderful Stores

URL : http://www.iritsuma.jp/

Craftsman made Japanese traditional food "Tsukudani"food boiled down in soy by selected materials.

URL : http://www.rsrs.jp/

One of professional tuning car shop. Customer's satisfaction is their demand !

URL : http://www.chonmageya.jp/

365 days open a year! 6 restaurants in Hamamatsu, Iwata and Fukuroi area in Central Japan

URL : http://www.wedding-produce.com/

Special planner of wedding and wedding party. If you need epoch making wedding party, please give it to them.

URL: http://www.vivace-love.com/

3 Hair salons in Shizuoka Prefecture in Central Japan. Please feel free to ask them what you desire for your hair style.

URL: http://www.tororoya.com/

Their aim is to make all customers in comfortable at their good atmosphere restaurant.

URL : http://www.evotown.com/sankeien/

Their original product Pergola (wisteria trellis) is one of their specialty. You can see many pergolas in their exhibition park land and enable to choose your favorite one.

URL : http://www.a-manon.com/

Hair salon, bouquet studio and bridal planner are their main service. They accept your idea for your own original wedding party.

URL : http://www.mominoki.net/

Introducing all about cakes like standard cake, birthday cake, county cake and other sweets. Staffs are all women.

URL : http://www.tokai.or.jp/yaotoku/

Famous long established restaurant of eel in Japan. Many celebrities and entertainers visited and never disappointed their expectation.

URL : http://www.arpos.co.jp/turuya/index.html

Hamana Lake used to be famous for eel production and they followed 80 years history for eel restaurant.


URL : http://www.lifeline-de.jp/

Specialist of interior reformation, roof modification and outer wall reformation.

URL : http://www.ushio-net.co.jp/

This is made in Japan !  Very special trial sheet metal producer. None can beat their skills.

URL : http://www.simple-deco.jp/

They can build your own house with cooperating young designers. Your dreams come true with them.

URL : http://www.partner-is.co.jp/

UP Co., Ltd is looking for the partner selling famous France Bed in your area as partner.

URL : http://www.enegene.co.jp/

"Enegene" means a combination of people, energy and genesis. They are always aiming creations to the future through GAS and other related service.

URL : http://www.jtsl.co.jp/

Information of Security System Tools and solution company

URL : http://www.planet-planning.jp/

Please feel free to ask them if you would like to buy a house or build a new house or reform your house.

URL : http://www.fujimi-ryokuka.co.jp/

They are developing the Recycle technology and sell them to all over Japan through their sales network. You can see the examples on the web site here.

URL : http://www.birukan.com/

They maintains the public facilities in Hamamatsu city and introducing each facility on their website.

URL : http://www.fit-ins.co.jp/

They solve all problems about your insurance like life insurance, damage insurance and asset management.

URL : http://www.ofh.co.jp/

You can check the latest information of real estate on the web in Kansai Area. They guarantee a house in safe, calm and comfortableness.

URL : http://www.partypark.jp/

You can be real selfish on demanding your own original wedding to them.

URL : http://www.stylishstyle.jp/

Proposal and construction of design reformation, painting of design reformation, space color coordination are their original ideas.

URL : http://www.daikenkougyou.co.jp/

brooch polish, brooch re-polish is their main product provides altitude precise technology(5 to 10 micron)

URL : http://www.uptoup.com/

Interior, waterproofing, ceiling, outer wall painting construction and building maintenance. They treat their customer like GOD.

URL : http://www.sanwa-f.co.jp/

Designer's mansion "Primary Series" is one of their main sales which is involved in each design in harmony with each atmosphere of area.

URL : http://www.passart.jp/

They are the Designer for total planning of store design, remodeling of house, store modification, store producing and store design located in Osaka city.

URL : http://www.eco-reform.jp/

"Enegene" means a combination of people, energy and genesis. They are always aiming a creation to the future through GAS and other related service.

URL : http://www.arpos.co.jp/

All "Interbath items" are imported from Korea and has great reputation for washstand, toilet bowl made by ceramics.

URL : http://www.kimonohanabusa.co.jp/

They sells the selected washable KIMONO with long research for its quality.

URL : http://www.makasete.info/

Their main item is glasses for house windows but they are expanding their business like crime prevention exterior items and wood resin deck for house.

URL : http://www.ues.jp/

Self running car parking equipment and machine car parking system are their main items which has advanced technology.

URL : http://www.ganbarimasu.jp/

They are a house builder which uses patented dry woods. You can see the model houses for exhibition how its wonderful and comfortable to live at Toyohashi Aichi in Japan.

URL : http://www.a-assist.jp/

They are the specialist for flooring material and construction for house. Cheap price but high quality.

URL : http://www.takadai-ds.com/

Driving School to get a licence for car and bike. This school has some privilege benefit when you offer from their web site.

URL : http://www.fdn.jp/

Future Digital Network is pattern making of all clothes with responsible for their all clients.

URL : http://www.shimizu-seibo.com/

Their nursery adopt a membership system for all parents and kids. And all member enjoys their system in the time of nursery.

URL : http://www.wk-h.com/

Their web site has many smiles of kids enjoying events in every month.

URL : http://www.sowa-inc.co.jp/

Nowadays a parts manufacture industry must respond any demands from any style of clients. They has already established a flexible producing system.

Shopping Site

URL : http://animejapan-originalgoods.jp/

Make custom promotional products by your own design for your company and musician in small quantity and fast shipping to you !

URL : http://www.ebisen.info/

Their history is already more than 80 years as a wholesaler of eels and other sea foods from Hamamatsu city central Japan.

URL : http://www.ja-kakegawa.jp/

Introducing products in Kakegawa area specially Kakegawa Green Tea has a highest award in 2006 in contest.

URL : http://www.eirakudo.com/

Online store especially for medicines, cosmetics and health care product. Pharmacist advise you kindly.

URL : http://www.iikagu.co.jp/

Online store of reasonable furniture which the manager recommend you.

URL : http://www.kouryokuen.net/

They has their own garden of green tea and sells its high quality green tea on the web.

URL : http://www.1-hiro.com/

one room factory HIRO is a custom made furniture shop which accept your own design, size and usage with simple wooden material.


URL : http://www.zen-koutairen.com/index.htm

They are the organization for high school bringing up the student's dream and hope through aiming developing a physical education and promoting sport.

URL : http://www.shizu-eiyoushi.or.jp/

They are an one of nonprofit foundation in Japan licensed of dietitian.

URL : http://c-pc8.civil.musashi-tech.ac.jp/RC/index.htm

Professor Yoshikawa of Musashi Institute of Technology shows many secrets of concrete.

URL : http://www.oosuka.or.jp/

Introduction of Oosuka cho commerce and industry member in Shizuoka central Japan.

URL : http://www.hamanagyokyo.jp/

They are a cooperative society union of sea foods in central Japan.


URL : http://www.maccachan-karadanote.com/


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